Broken Things

We are in love with broken things
Must be the beauty in the pain
And the inaptitude it brings
When our love is desperate and in vain

We try to fly with broken wings
And in our minds, we touch the sun
We talk to God in broken dreams
With unbending knees, we dare to run

Oh I am searching deep within my soul for an answer
Why a scorching heat can feel so cold – for a little while
Wanna still feel young before my heart grows stale and old
Like all my dear broken things

We love to hear unspoken lies
The silent grace in the sounds of grief
Our stolen hearts and broken minds
Willingly suspend all disbelief

Can’t stop the ripples in the water
Once the surface has been hit
Can’t stop the hunger of the flames
That will consume all broken things
Once the fire has been lit

Can’t stop the ripples in the water
The thing keeps sinking as they spread
I curse the hand that had it thrown
And let it go for it is known:
What doesn’t float must be broken or dead